We have been so busy touring these past 6 months it seems like there has been one project after another stacking up to be finished. The first job was going through many hours of video and editing Baikei’s live performances. With that box checked we moved on to photo editing and updating the portfolio site.


With all of that out of the way, we set out to complete editing the main project of our July/August 2013 west coast U.S.A. tour. Before setting off for Los Angeles, Baikei sat down and wrote The Heart Sutra as a symbol of international friendship. Several hours later when he finished, there were 276 cards stacked a half meter high on his desk ready to be delivered as gifts to people along the trip. Finding that many people willing accept a card and pose for a photo was much harder than expected, be we succeeded.

Meeting so many people from so many different backgrounds was a wonderful experience. SEISHO is very happy to have made so many new friends during this project. We thank you all for allowing us to take your photos and use them for this colorful symbol of international peace and harmony.

Here is a glimpse of another one of SEISHO’s past projects. This is something Baikei and Raikei conceived while playing a game of chess. Why not turn the 32 stone pieces into carved seals? And so they did! All sixteen white pieces were carved by Baikei, and all sixteen black stones by Raikei. Each piece has a corresponding opposite (black with a negative emotion and white with a positive one). The concept comes from the physical battle which takes place on the chessboard, and the internal battle humans all too often struggle with.




Irritated - 焦燥  Serene - 静謐
Arrogant - 傲慢 Humble - 謙虚
Bored - 怠惰 Inspired - 奮起
Envious - 嫉妬 Trusting - 信頼
Gluttonous - 貪欲 Restrained - 節制
Greedy - 貪欲 Charitable - 寛容
Hateful - 不愉快 Loving - 信愛
Maniacal - 陶酔 Rational - 理性
Pessimistic - 悲観 Optimistic - 楽観
Shameful - 恥 Honorable - 名誉
Prejudiced - 偏見 Tolerant - 寛容
Wicked - 邪悪 Righteous - 正義
Wrathful - 憤怒 Peaceful - 静謐
Unappreciative -  感謝する心がない Appreciative - 感謝する心がある
Cowardly - 臆病 Courageous - 勇敢
Craving - 切望 Contented - 満足

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