Here is a quick update to remind everyone that we will have lots of exciting pics and videos of the upcoming Seisho Taiwan Tour this September. It will be the second visit this year and it is sure to be AMAZING.

We also have the 23rd annual Seisho Calligraphy Exhibition coming up November 22-23.

With events all over Japan already, including a special performance at the G7 Summit, it has all ready been a great year. We thank you all very much for your support!



It was an amazing year for all of us here at Seisho packed full of performances, workshops, and exhibitions. Not only was the Seisho team very active in Japan but also managed to do a bit of globetrotting to Sumatra and Java Indonesia (for the first ever Ai Matsuri) and back to the idyllic Hawaiian Islands for several live shows.

Events for the year included:

Big brush performance at the Asian Pacific Trade Center

Live shodo for Mainichi Exhibition

Seisho’s 22nd annual Calligraphy Exhibition

Collaboration at Himura Shrine with Migiri Bushido

Performance at Osaka Museum of Art

Several breakout performances by calligrapher MAO

Collaboration at the Yu Darvish Museum

Donated works to World Heritage Koyasan

Seisho also managed to launch a new online school and an iPhone app. Look out 2016!

Nov 2014

The 21st annual Seisho Calligraphy Association exhibition is being held November 22-23 in Osaka, Japan. Please stop by for a free look at beautiful calligraphy works from teachers and students. You will also have a chance to meet Baikei himself, and view the collection he has made especially for this event.

November 22 - 23

June - July 2014

Here’s the latest from us at team SEISHO.

We had a wonderful 3 ½ week calligraphy tour which started June 20th in Italy. Our main event was at the Japan Expo in Paris and it was a great success.
It was our first Europe tour so we were all very excited! Let me give you our rough itinerary so you can see how much distance we covered.

WEEK 1: Milan, then down the coast to San Marino, over to Florence, Genoa, Monte Carlo, and back to Milan…all by car.

WEEK 2: Around Switzerland then up to Paris for the Japan Expo.

WEEK 3: Back to Switzerland to see Zurich for a couple of days, then finished up over Austria.

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November 22-23: Seisho’s 21st annual calligraphy exhibition in Osaka.

August 17: Mainichi exhibition in Kyoto.

July 20: Mainichi exhibition in Tokyo.

July 16: Private performance at the new in Harukas Tower in Osaka.

June 20-July 15: Seisho’s 6th international calligraphy tour (1st to Europe).

June 15: Release of Baikei’s new ink “SEISHO” and calligraphy pens.

June 1: went live!