For the past 30 years Baikei has been building a tight knit community of artists here in Osaka. Though he is usually very busy teaching and performing, when he gets free time he tries to give something back to the larger community here in his hometown.

Summer/Autumn of 2014 we will be working with the city to secure run-down buildings in need of sprucing up. Members of SEISHO will be preparing exterior walls with fresh paint, and Baikei will add the final touches with some large original calligraphy works. Any of you in the area interested in helping out, please send us a mail.

This is just one of many volunteer projects we have in the cards. We feel that art is truly a great way to cross all boundaries of culture, class, race, etc. Both locally and internationally there is much me can do to make the world a happier place and we try our best to do our part.